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Jonas D. Israel                                                       Orgon

Kenneth Dembo                                                     Tartuffe

Athena McElrath                                                     Elmire

Rian Turner                                                            Cleante

Jessica Reed                                                          Dorine

K. J. McElrath                                                          Damis & Loyal

Samie Pfeifer                                                           Mariane

Eric Montague                                                         Valere & Officer

Karen Kalensky                                                       Mme Pernelle
Tartuffe is Moliere’s most famous play, yet when it premiered in 1664, right-wing extremists immediately banned it because it satirizes a wealthy merchant in the clutches of Tartuffe, a religious conman. The entire household becomes dysfunctional, with everyone contorting, conniving and scheming, as they must to survive in the face of hypocrisy. Masque Alfresco presents its brand-new adaptation of this classic-yet- timely play as a family-friendly comedy as their 2017 Summer Park Tour, their 16 th season. Masque Alfresco promises their renowned use of slapsticks, broad physical comedy schtick, colorful period costumes, plus original musical interludes.